Keep Mosquitoes At Bay With These House Plants

Do you think plants are one of the prime reasons for mosquito grounds in your yard? Well, they are, but it does not apply to all the plants. In fact, there are a few plant species that are perfect pest repellents. Are you planning to opt for a mosquito treatment in Pascagoula?

Get these mosquito-repellent plants to extend the professional treatment effects!

Mosquito Plant

Having the perfect name, mosquito plants are downright your best take at getting rid of these pests. Though you may find a plethora of mosquito plant species, citronella is one of the most effective ones. Visit the local nursery to look for a similar one if you cannot get your hands on the citronella.


Named after cats, this plant has a lemon or mint-like taste that calms down these pets. However, with its pungent odor, catnip is an excellent mosquito repellent plant!


If you are looking for a DIY mosquito-repelling solution, burning rosemary is a great choice. It acts like a herb that can drive away mosquitoes along with other flies and pests.

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One of the most pretty ways of getting rid of mosquitoes is planting marigolds in your garden. These naturally repel pests, including flies and worms, and contain a compound used in insect repellents.

Holy Basil

Killing mosquito eggs or larvae is the most effective treatment, and that is what the holy basil does. Merely planting this in your balcony or yard can help keeps the nasty mosquitoes away.

Lemon Balm

Mosquitoes and bugs find the aroma of lemons and other citrus items highly unpleasant. That is why lemon balm is an excellently-powerful houseplant to repel mosquitoes.

Final Words

When you get to it, the number of plants that are perfect at repelling mosquitoes is uncountable. Some others include chives, camphor, mint, cedar, lavender, etc. So, while you are getting your living space treated, add one or more of these plants for enhanced performance!